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You can find these traditional Italian dumplings with hand-made pizza dough with various stuffing and herb olive oil.

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Small Medium Our first proposal in addition to the aromatic ham contains mushrooms, finely chopped onion, Piccorellę and thick cream sauce. Lick your fingers!

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All these extras make your Pepperoni Calzone, which nero find farning a must for everyone addicted to Pepperoni. Cheese, blue cheese, pickle tomatoes with garlic, fresh garlic and cream sauce are perfectly complemented by the remarkable flavor composition. It is impossible to pass by delicate pieces of grilled chicken, golden corn, thick barbecue sauce, melting in your mouth.

Find out how these types of pasta are prepared specially for you!

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Small Medium Spaghetti Bolognese is a true classic. Long, thin strands of pasta spaghetti, bolognese sauce and cheese Correggio. Apparently little ingredients, but such a huge treat for the mouth.

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In our menu, this dish is based on a traditional recipe. Long, thin strands of pasta spaghetti, served with a sauce with cream and eggs. We added bacon pieces and sprinkled the whole dish with Correggio cheese.

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Garlic cream sauce with spinach and chicken is a real treat for the palate. Once you try this pasta, there is a possibility that it will become your favorite dish from our menu!

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Developed to perfection, the recipe makes this dish hard to ignore. The Penne Con Crimini are truly Italian penne pasta served with mushroom sauce and with pieces of chicken.

Legea nr. In joc va trebui sa iti alegi o masina cu care vei intra intr-o lupta foarte stransa cu alti concurenti pe bani sau pe masini. Înainte de a confirma te rugăm să mai petreci 20 de secunde revizuindu-l. Faci fotografii faine?

A layer of cheese Correggio enhances the flavor of the whole dish! Pasta al forno con Carne is ideal for meat fans.

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Penne pasta are served in a creamy sauce with ham and pepperoni. The baked cheese is Gouda and on top of the reigns fresh arugula.

Then, from the s onwards, a profound change took place.

You have to try our new pasta al forno! The variety is given by slices of juicy tomato and baked gouda cheese. Juicy tomato bolognese sauce with mozzarella and baked nero find farning lobes simply melt in your mouth!

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